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Cucina di Paolo

Operating Hours

Open Wednesday thru Saturday 11am - 7pm

Closed Sunday thru Tuesday

Custom Calendars for a Caring Community

We value every member of our community, and geratly appreciate the support they have provided us over the years, both overall and with our Washer lady Calendar. This calendar supports the Women's and Children's Alliance, and has received astounding support from our community. Thank you all!

Fresh Ingredients

Nothing we used is processed, and we take great pride in using authentic, natural ingredients and recipes.

Simple, Yet Exquisite

We see no need in complicating the meals that we serve, because despite their simplicity, they still provide an exquisite and authentic atmosphere to our restaurant.

Rich in Taste and Texture

We have an authentic menu that captures true Italian flavor, and we invite everyone to look at our menu and find something that they might like!

About Us

We hope you enjoy our food as much as we enjoy preparing it for you! Here are a few facts or insights about our history and what we do.

Our mission is to provide you with freshly prepared, flavorful, and tasty food that is conveniently packaged for you to take home and heat and serve. Our main focuses are classical regional Italian cuisine and Northwest American comfort food, where we utilize only the freshest available ingredients from as many local producers and farmers as possible.

We established our business in 1993 out of a desire to spend more time with one another. Our motto became, "His talent, my mouth", reflecting his ability to cook exceptionally great food, and Mary Jean's ability to share and tell people about that great food while making them feel at home. We started with our flagship take-n-bake lasagnes, but rapidly progressed into making a wide variety of specialty items, one of the most popular being Mary Jean's renowned Chicken Pot Pies. Here we are now at our newest venture on Vista where we are going on five years already.

You might also like to know that we prepare almost everything from scratch! We slow roast our lasagne sauce for many hours which lends itself to the wonderful flavor. In addition, we prepare our own stocks and make our soups from scratch as well as using classical and contemporary cooking techniques to prepare all of our sauces. We draw on local and regional bakeries for our bread as well as making a few in house so it is always fresh. Mary Jean loves to bake, and her mouth watering dessert case proves that. She gets inspired trying new things so her case is always changing, with the exception of some customers favorites they have to see on a regular basis.

Most importantly, we thank you for your continued patronage over the years, and hope you enjoy your experience with us. We believe that breaking bread and eating well with family and friends is good for the soul, and we wish to aid in keeping that tradition alive.

From our hearts to your table!


Paul and Mary Jean Wegner